ProSkill CTG  - Counterfeit Component Awareness and Detection Training

DoD compliancy requires a supplier/contractor to show objective evidence of SAE AS5553B's Training requirement paragraph 3.1.1

Your DoD contract or your customer's DoD contract may be in jeopardy if  you are not compliant with  SAE AS5553B Paragraph 3.1.1

SAE AS5553B Requirement 3.1.1

“Relevant personnel, including those involved with program management, projects, procurement, quality assurance, inspection, receiving, manufacturing, and engineering activities, shall be trained as appropriate to their function,  in the awareness, avoidance, detection, mitigation, and disposition of suspect or confirmed counterfeit EEE parts.  Training shall be updated periodically to address changes in counterfeit information and trends”.

Our ProSkill CTG training  certificate program PRO-STD-001 complies with 
SAE AS5553B  Paragraph 3.1.1

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