ProSkill CTG  - Counterfeit Component Awareness and Detection Training

ProSkill CTG- Course PRO-STD-001
Attn: Rick Stanton
"The ProSkill CTG Counterfeit Component Training course was an eye opener for me. Counterfeit parts are everywhere in the market place and with the training I received I can successfully determine if an electronic part is real or suspect counterfeit. The training also gave me a path forward to improve the Northrop Grumman quality of product that we are contracted to supply to the US war fighter. It is imperative that all primes and suppliers take the ProSkill CTG Counterfeit Avoidance Training course to insure counterfeit parts don’t affect the soldiers that are fighting for our freedom."
John D. Muhlhauser
EA-18G Electronic Warfare Systems
Northrop Grumman Corp.
(516) 346-7786
ProSkill CTG  - Course: PRO-STD-001
Dear Mr. Stanton, 
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the opportunity to host and attend the ProSkill CTG Counterfeit Training and Detection course. As a Program Manager for a Contract Manufacturer that supports Military Contracts that are constantly barraged by obsolescence issues. Understanding this ‘gray market’ and the many ways of counterfeit detection that are now available is priceless information. I have no doubt that my team and I are now armed with the most recent information and a broad understanding of the best methods for the detection of counterfeit parts. Thank you, PRO-STD-001 is a great class that was easy to understand and most enjoyable".
Karena Ganem
EMS Program Manager
Mnemonics, Inc
3900 Dow Road Suite J
Melbourne, FL 32934
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321-255-4697 fax
ProSkill CTG-Course: PRO-STD-001
Attn: Rick Stanton
"I recently attended a Counterfeit Parts Training course by Rick Stanton of ProSkill CTG, their principal instructor. His training really shed light onto the counterfeit parts situation the DoD is facing. Working for a large DoD contractor I was aware of counterfeit parts but had no idea the scope of the problem. Rick helped me learn how to identify when a supplier maybe trying to pass off counterfeit parts, how to identify suspect counterfeit parts, and to flow down stronger terms and conditions reducing the chance of receiving counterfeit parts. I highly recommend anyone responsible for purchasing electronic components at any tier take ProSkill CTG’s Counterfeit Component Awareness and Detection class, PRO-STD-001. You and your organization will benefit greatly".
Chad Blair
Subcontract Administrator
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation Aerospace Systems,
Military Aircraft Systems Division
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"Dear Mr. Stanton:
 Thank you for sharing your views with me.  Your concerns, opinions and views are important to me and help me do a better job in the United States Senate. Your input on counterfeit electronic components is of much value to me personally and to our country".
John McCain
United States Senator
Dear Rick,
"The PRO-STD-001 course is a must for those organization and professionals that are integrated in the electronics procurement, assembly and inspection/verification process. The course and instructor focused on the various methodologies used today in counterfeiting devices where the past known good inspection techniques would not pick up on the fact that, although the devices look correct, they are in fact counterfeit. The course is designed around the SAE Aerospace AS5553 standard for materials control and the techniques, while following a strict criteria guideline for receiving inspection steps for detecting and testing components purchased through both the franchised and non-franchised distribution channels. Both the instructor (Rick Stanton) and course material guide the students to implementing effective control methodologies within the organization’s Quality Management Systems, while testing the students at the end of the course to ensure that the topics and theory were grasped. From this training, numerous processes and procedures at OnCore Manufacturing Services were updated to reflect the control points in the purchasing process, the material handling and receiving inspection steps within all sites, while having a robust control on questionable devices that are quarantined until proper authentication of the material can be established".
Highest Regards,
Tony Batalha
Vice President Corporate Quality & Lean
OnCore Manufacturing Services, LLC
SMCBA was delighted to invite Rick Stanton conduct his Counterfeit Component workshop at our annual conference in Australia. The information he provided to attendees was greatly appreciated by all attendees and some of the comments we received included:
"Rick's presentation was insightful thank you for bringing us such important information for our industry".
 "This program exceeded my expectations, the content will help us immensely". "Very informative and comprehensive presentation on the detection of counterfeit products". 
 "The best workshop I've been to on this subject, I learned so much more today". 
 "This presentation has been invaluable to my understanding of the nature of this problem and the procedures we can put in place".
 "We highly recommend the program to all those in the electronics industry particularly those on the front line involved in protecting their supply chain and product integrity".
Andrew Pollock
Executive Officer Surface Mount & Circuit Board Association
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company with a high standard of ethics like  ProSkill CTG - They are a reliable counterfeit component training who was highly recommended by an IPC Certified Master Instructor, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was more than outstanding. Keep up the good work Rick!”
Larry Raddatz
Dakota County Community Technical College
Minnesota - USA