ProSkill CTG  - Counterfeit Component Awareness and Detection Training
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Reel to Reel X-ray Inspection for Counterfeit Electronic Components.
Courtesy of Glenbrook Telchnology X-ray System
At ProSkills' intention is to educate and assist customers in their effort against counterfeit material by sharing current and available equipment used today to detect counterfeit material. In addition we offer and demonstrate multiple visual techniques and tips used to prevent infestation of counterfeit material into your supply chain. 
 Integrated Circuit-ICs (Confirmed Counterfeits)
  • Disposition: Reject - Country of origin misspelled, should be KOREA not KOPEA
  • Material definition: No value add 
  • Material Continued Processing:  Impounded
  • Final Disposition-Material Processing: Material destruction via documented Scrap/Grind.