ProSkill CTG  - Counterfeit Component Awareness and Detection Training
ProSkill CTG offers a unique and comprehensive course; PRO-STD-001 Certification, a meaningful Course for Counterfeit Component Detection and Prevention.
Have your employees trained to PRO-STD-001. A Certified Counterfeit Component Prevention  program.  A must for compliancy to SAE AS5553B paragraph 3.1.1
Please call (321)-987-0153 or (321)-610-8195 and schedule your certificate course or audit needs.  Show your customer you are serious by complying to the current laws and standards regarding this worldwide problem.  By offering your team our most current and hands on counterfeit component prevention training like no other in the United States, or the  World,  exclusively offered by ProSkill CTG, Blackfox Training Institute, and Global Electronic Testing Services (GETS). 
 Counterfeit Component  Prevention Outline 
  • PRO-STD-001  - A Counterfeit Component Quality Assurance Inspection and procurement course

  • Suspect Counterfeit Component Detection and Inspection Categories and Techniques
  • Audit of current counterfeit component procedure/s includes full gap analysis 
  • Counterfeit Component Inspection by recognizing, refurbished, blacktopped, or pulled components from discarded and scrapped circuit board assemblies
  • Stockroom/Warehouse Counterfeit Component Screening/Auditing assistance 
  • Immediate Disposition of Suspect Counterfeit Material 
  •  Implementation of a “No Value Add” clause into your T/Cs regarding counterfeit components.
  • ProSkill CTG offers a Universal Counterfeit Component Prevention and Mitigation Procedure
  • What Component buyers need to know regarding counterfeit components.